AAL Phytochemical Testing - Another essential component of AAL's testing expertise is herbal and nutraceutical products. We routinely analyze natural products for identification, potency, marker quantitation, trace impurities, and organic volatile impurities, as well as many other analyses.

AAL tests herbal products following the guidelines of only highly respected publications, such as Herbal Compendium, China Pharmacopoeia, German Pharmacopoeia, and others. Additionally, our research staff is continually studying the current trends in natural / herbal products, so when a new herb or extract becomes available, you can be sure that AAL has a method to test it.

For more information on Botanical analysis and Herbal testing, see our Dietary Supplement page.

We test everything from aloe vera to yohimbe.

Here is a list of our most popular herbs

Aloe Grifonia
Ashwagandha Gotu Kola
Bilberry Hawthorn
Black Cohosh Isoflavones
Boswellia Serrata Kava Kava
Broccoli Kudzu
Cat’s Claw Licorice
Cayenne Pepper Milk Thistle
Citrus Aurantium Passion Flower
Coleus Forskohlii Red Yeast Rice
Cranberry Rhodiola
Echinacea Rose Hips
Ephedra Rosemary
Epimedium Royal Jelly
Evening Primrose Oil Schisandra
Fenugreek Gymnema Sylvestre
Feverfew Siberian Ginseng
Flax Oil Soy
Garcinia Cambogia St. John’s Wort
Garlic Tribulus Terrestris
Ginkgo Biloba Uva Ursi
Ginseng Valerian
Golden Seal White Willow
Goldthread Wild Yam
Grapeseed Extract Yerba Mate
Green Tea Yohimbe

List of our Phytochemical Services

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