Oral Hygiene

Toothpaste & anti-cavity products and Oral antiseptic drug and rinse
Toothpaste are considered as Over the counter drug , FDA published more than 20 ingredient used for Anticavity  and  Oral  antiseptics used.
The following are the summary of the final rule of the OTC anti-cavities and toothpaste rule.

Drug actives nameDrug concentrationMethod
Toothpaste (Dentrifices)Fluoride 850-1150 ppmIon-selective method
Extra strengthFluoride 1500 ppmIon-selective method
Treatment gelStannous fluoride 0.4%Ion-selective method
ToothpasteSodium monophosphate flouride 1.15%( 1275 ppm Fluoride)Ion-selective method
Dental rinseSodium fluoride rinse(0.05%)Ion-selective method
Sodium bicarbonate/sodium fluoride850 to 1150 ppm fluoride ionIon-selective method

Most common actives ingredient  on Oral care Rinse over the counter product  as follows:

Cetylpyridium chlorideHPLC
Benzethonium hlorideHPLC
Domiphen bromideHPLC
Chlorhexidene digluconateHPLC
Methyl salicylateGC

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