Identification Tests – General

USP <191>, Identification Tests – General

The identification tests as defined in USP <191> are referred to for the identification of official articles. It must be noted that these tests are not intended to be applicable to mixtures of substances unless so specified.


A list of the tests under this heading is as follows:

Acetate Aluminum Ammonium Antimony
Barium Benzoate Bicarbonate, Carbonate Bismuth
Bisulfite, Sulfite Borate Bromide Calcium
Chlorate Chloride Citrate Cobalt
Copper Hypophosphite Iodide Iron
Lactate Lead Lithium Magnesium
Manganese Mecury Nitrate Nitrite
Oxalate Permanganate Phosphate Potassium
Salicylate Silver Sodium Sulfate
Tartrate Thiocyanate Thiosulfate Zinc

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