US Customs Import Testing

Coffee, Tea, Mateacute, and Spices

  • Caffeine in roasted coffee

Sugar and Sugar Confectionary

  • Polarization of sugar
  • Sucrose in sugars
  • Caramel in wines
  • Sugar moisture
  • Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose in Cane Molasses by HPLC
  • Purity of Lactose
  • Dry substance and moisture in Molasses
  • Synthetic Sweeteners (Saccharin, Aspartine, etc)

Beverages, spirits, and vinegar

  • Ethanol in Beer
  • Carbon Dioxide in Wines: Titrimetric Method
  • Alcohol in Distilled Spirits
  • Distilled Liquor
  • Denaturants (Volatile) in Alcoholic products
  • Acetone, aldehyde in liquors and spirits

Salt, sulfur, earths and stone,
plastering materials,lime and cement

  • Ash in Graphite
  • Chemical Analysis of Silicon and Ferrosilicon-modified
  • Chemical analysis of glass sand
  • Methylene blue index of clay
  • Pier test for Refractory mortars-modified
  • Water absorption, bulk, density, apparent porosity and apparent specific gravity of fired whiteware products-modified

Essential oils and resinoids,
perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations

  • Flash point in perfume and hair spray
  • Specific gravity
  • Angular rotation
  • Refractive Index
  • Viscosity in essential oil
  • Index of refraction of oils and fats
  • Chromatography assay for purity

Soap, organic surface-active agents,
washing preparations, lubricating preparations

  • Classification of surfactants by infrared absorption
  • Organic surface-active agents
  • Apparent viscosity of petroleum waxes compounded with additives (hot melts)
  • Dropping point of waxes
  • Separation of active ingredient from surfactants and syndet compositions

Artificial waxes, prepared waxes,
candles and similar articles

  • Quantitation of paraffin in waxes by high temperature capillary gas chromatography
  • Quantitative analysis of paraffin in wax and candles by column chromatography
  • Antidumping candles testing (CL 34-08)
  • Palm oil waxes analysis (CL 34-07)

Miscellaneous chemical products

  • Carbon Tetrachloride activity of activated carbon
  • Tall oil testing
  • Sampling and testing Turpentine
  • Composition of Turpentine by gas chromatography-modified
  • Methods of testing resin oils
  • Resin acids in rosin
  • Additive elements in lubricatin oils
  • Purity of monomeric plasticizers

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