Food Chemical Codex

Food Chemical Codex (FCC Food Grade Testing)

  • Identification by color reaction, precipitation, TLC fingerprint match, FTIR spectra or UV/VIS spectra
  • Heavy metals (i.e. Pb), arsenic, mercury not more than mg/kg specification for food grade
  • Physical property tests such as specific rotation, specific gravity, refractive index, and melting range
  • Loss on drying, Karl Fischer moisture test, residue on ignition, and total ash
  • Volatile content, distillation range, solidification point, readily carbonizable substances
  • Color (APHA), chlorophyll, cold test and cloud point.
  • Fats and oil testing: saponification value, acid value, iodine value, peroxide value, ester value, or fats and oil products
  • Fatty acid composition for fats and oil
  • Solubility in oil, alcohol, and water, etc.
  • GC, HPLC assay¬† and impurities study
  • Essential oil and flavor test for aldehydes, esters, phenol free, UV absorbance, and volatile content
  • Carbohydrate and starch group test for inverted sugars, reducing sugars, acetal groups
  • Sugar and sugar alcohol carbohydrate profiles by HPLC
  • Chewing gum base test for quinine, residual styrene, etc.
  • Color FDC test for leuco base, total color, TLC profiles, and HPLC impurities

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