Prohibited & Restricted Ingredients

Prohibited and Restricted ingredient  in  cosmetics products  are found in  found in international individual government website such as  ( Japan Ministry  , Europe ECC , UK, and Health  Canada) can be tested using  HPLC, GC , ICP or  spectrometry

Prohibited ingredient lists in cosmetics products  
US FDA  21 CFR List  Ingredient that are prohibited by US FDA regulation on Cosmetics , for complete detail refer to USFDA 21CFR250.250 and 700.11 through 700.35, The ingredient  that either cause animal cancinogenicity  or photosensitization

Substance NameTesting method
Bithionol ( 21 CFR 700.11) 2,2, thio-bis dichlorophenol GC
Chlorofluorocarbon propellants(21 CFR 700.23)GC
Chloroform( 21 CFR 700.18)GC
Methylene chloride(21CFR 700.19)GC
Halogented Salicylanilide(21 CFR 700.15)GC
Vinyl Chloride ( 21CFR 700.14)GC
Zirconium containing complexes(21CFR 700.16)spectromtery
Cattle Materials ( 21 CFR 700.270)QPCR polymerize Chain reaction

Restricted  ingredient list  in Cosmetics products
FDA  Some ingredients are regulated by restriction because  of its toxic effect and ability to penetrate into human skin , or mucous membrane(mm)

Ingredient listMaximum % or ppmTest Method
Hexachlorophene HCP (21 CFR250.250)1E-3GC
Mercury Compound(21CFR 700.13)1 ppmSpectrometery
Sunscreen actives (21 CFR700.35B)FDA specsHPLC
Coal tar dye(21 CFR 601 and 602)FDA specsTLC /HPLC
1,4 dioxaneUSP specsGC

Japan standard of Cosmetics Prohibited List ( ministry of health and welfare 331)

Chemical name   
6-acetoxy-2,4 dimethyl-m –dioxane
Anthranilic acid( Vitamin L)
Boric acid
Cadmium compound
Halogenated salicylanilide
Hormone derivatives
Hydrogen peroxide
Hydroquinone Monobenzylether
Inorganic fluorine
Mercury compound
Methyl alcohol
Methylene chloride
Progrenolone acetate
Selenium compound
Sodium perborate
Strontium compound
Sulfamide derivatives
Vinyl chloride monomer

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