Preservative and Additive Analysis

AAL’s cosmetics scientists can analyze most of the additives (color, artificial sweetener, etc.) and preservative ingredients listed by USP monograph and FDA Cosmetics Handbook. Computerized automated HPLC and GC perform all chemical testing.

Chemical analysis is conducted under GMP requirements and complies with USP Chromatography system suitability requirements.

Preservative Testing
(BHT, BHQ, TBHQ, Parabens)
Additive Testing
(Polysorbate, Surfactant)
Active purity content Color additives FD&C red, yellow, blue, green
Preservative efficacy or microbial 30-day challenges Formaldehyde content
(Japan Export Testing)


Below is a list of the approved preservatives, color additives, and sweetener additives commonly used in cosmetics:

Partial List of the Approved Preservatives (USP/NF grade)
Commonly Used in Cosmetics

Butyl Parabens 0.05-0.1% HPLC
Diazolidinyl Urea 0.1-0.3% HPLC
DMDM Hydantoin 0.2-0.6% HPLC
Ethyl Paraben 0.8-0.1% HPLC
Imidazolidnyl Urea 0.1-0.5% HPLC
Isobutyl Paraben Sodium Methyl Paraben 0.05-0.2% HPLC
Kathon cG (Methylchloroisothiazolone, and Methyllisothiazolone) max 0.1% HPLC
Methyl Paraben 0.1-0.3% HPLC
Methylisothiazolinone max 0.02% HPLC
Phenoxy ethanol 0.3-0.5% HPLC
Propyl Paraben 0.01-0.1%> HPLC
Quaternium-15 (dowicil 200) max 0.2% Redox – Titration
Sodium Benzoate HPLC
Tricarnilide HPLC
Triclosan .0.1-0.4% HPLC


Sweetener Additives

Acesulfame HPLC
Aspartame HPLC
Mannitol HPLC / IC
Saccharin HPLC
Sorbitol HPLC / IC
Xylitol HPLC / IC

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