Nail Polish Testing

Some of the more common ingredients in nail products include acetonitrile, formaldehyde, methacrylate monomers and acids, phthalates, and toluene. Adamson Analytical tests for the presence and percentage of such chemical actives within nail products to ensure that these ingredients will not cause harm to consumers.

Acetonitrile should exceed no more than 500 milligrams without child-resistant packaging. Formaldehyde in excess of 0.2% cannot be guaranteed to be safe in cosmetics applied to the skin, although the concentration must be higher when applied to the nails. Acids cannot exceed 5% MAA without child-resistant packaging for liquid household products. Phthalates are primarily found in concentrations less than 10%, while toluene has been determined to be safe for cosmetic use in nail products when limited to concentrations no greater than 50%.

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