Nitrosamine Residue Testing in Personal Care Products
Analysis of cosmetics and personal care products for n-nitrosoamineNitrosamine 300 x 280 such as NDELA content should be included in Product Safety Assessments to ensure compliance with European Cosmetic Regulations.

To ensure compliance with European Cosmetic Regulations, n-nitrosamine content has to be included in the product safety assessments.

“N-nitrosamines are also covered in European cosmetics regulation. The presence of trace levels in cosmetic products is allowed, if they are technically unavoidable, as long as the product does not  exceeds limit of 50 μg kg −1 (ppb) for the N-nitrosodialkanolamine content of fatty-acid dialkanolamides, monoalkanolamines and trialkanolamines This restriction limits  also apply to  N-nitrosodialkylamine content of fatty-acid dialkylamides, monoalkylamines and trialkalyamines. (European Commission Directive 2003/83/EC).”

Chemical compound that possible generate N-nitrosamine

Chemical compound (Precursor or catalyst formation)N-Nitrosamine FormationMethod 
DiethanolamineN-nitrosodiethanolamine(<10ppb)TEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)
TriethanolamineN-nitrosodiethanolamine(<10ppb)TEA postcolumn HPLC
monoethanolamineN-nitrosodiethanolmine(<10ppb)TEA postcolumn HPLC
Secondary alkylamine
Alkyl Monoethylamine ( MEA)
Alkyl Diethylamine (DEA)
Alkyl triethylamine (TEA)
n-nitroso-dimethylamine (NDMA)
n-nitroso-diethylamine (NDEA)
n-nitroso-Trethylamine (NTEA)
TEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)
Fatty acid dialkylamiden-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDLEA)TEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)
Diethylene amide compoundn-nitromorpholine ( NPYR)TEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)
fatty acid methylethylemine( MEA)n-nitro-methylethyl amine (NMEA)TEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)
Hydroxypropylaminen-nitroso hydroxyl porpylamineTEA postcolumn HPLC (annes II)

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