Color Additives

Adamson Analytical routinely colour-pencils-450621performs color additive testing in cosmetic products using FDA published methods. AAL tests color additives for US and international cosmetic companies. The color additive testing meets the requirements of the United States custom import protocol, EXAMPLE Import Alert 53-06 “Color Cosmetic subject to Automatic Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE)”.

21 CFR has listed acceptable D&C and FD&C colors for use in cosmetic products applied externally except near the eye area, such as eye shadows, eyeliners and eye pencils. AAL analyzes color additives by chromatographic HPLC and thin layer chromatography (TLC) instrumentation. Color additives in lipsticks, foundation powders, and eye shadows must comply with the Federal Register on certification and purity.

Partial list of Color Additives (Analyzed By Chromatographic HPLC and TLC Instrumentation)Method
D&C green #5TLC
D&C red 22TLC
D&C red 28TLC
FD&C blue #1TLC
FD&C green #3TLC
FD&C green #6TLC
FD&C red #3TLC
FD&C red #4TLC
FD&C red 40TLC
FD&C yellow #10TLC
FD&C yellow #5TLC
List of Color Additives Not Permitted in Japan Export 
D&C Red No. 6
D&C Red No. 19
D&C Red No. 21
D&C Red No. 27
D&C Red No. 33
FD&C Red No. 40
D&C Orange No. 5

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