Equipment List

Here at AAL we use only the best, state-of-the-art equipment.

Major Equipment
Chemistry Lab (12000 sq ft)
Automatic Abbe refractometer (2)
Beckman DU 7400 Spectrometer (3)
Beckman refrigerated Accuspin
Brookfield automatic viscometer Pc data collection (2)
Camag TLC automatic scanner (1)
Coulometric Karl Fisher titrator
Dionex PED/PAD /UV conductivity peak net (2)
Environcab barndstead humidity chamber (2)
HP 1050 Diode Array with 3-D Chemstation(6)
HP 5890 II Gas Chromatograph TCD/FID/NPD with autosampler & headspace (4)
HP1100 Diode array with 3D chemstation(6)
HPLC UV/VIS with Autosampler (30)
HPLC shimadzu Florescence with Autosampler (4)
Hiatchi F-2000 multiple wavelength Fluorescense spectrometer (2)
Horiba CAPA light diffraction particle size distribution Analyzer
Horiba automatic High sensitive polarameter SEPA
Metrohom automatic titration PC data collection
Mettler analytical balance (3)
Nicolet FTIR w/ micro spectroscopy / ATR (2)
Sartorius analytical/microbalance balance (5)
Sartorius topload balance (4)
Thermolyne furnace (3)
Microbiology and biotechnology Lab (1000 sq ft)
Agilent Real time PCR real time PCR MXpro with PC (4)
Bakers Laminar Hood (3)
Blue M incubator (6)
High speed microcentrifuge (2)
Labconco chemical hood (2)
Labconco concentrator with cryogen collection
Lonza Flash gel PCR (2)
Mettler delta range analytical balance (2)
Molecular plate Shaker (2)
Nanodrop 2000C spectromter (DNA Lab) (1)
PE 3700 DNA analyzer (2)
Perkin erlmer DNA sequencing (3)
Roche realtime PCR lifecycle 480 pc control (1)
Roche QPCR lifecycle II pc control (2)
So-low chest type freezer (1)
Sterimalic high capacity autoclave (2)
Thermo fisher microscope 500X
Trinocular microscope with digital PC
UV hood (2)

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